About Our Stores

The WATCHNIAN Group sells and
purchases watches,
branded bags and
other items under four service brands.
Under each of the service brands,
we purchase a variety of goods at
our physical and online stores and
through various other channels,
including auctions, to provide customers
with high-quality goods at the stores.


Providing each customer
with a watch that best meets
their needs from the items
in our industry’s
top level inventory

We mainly sell and purchase watches under the “WATCHNIAN” service brand.
In addition to doing business at our flagship Ginza Main Store, we also sell watches at our official online store and in both Japanese and overseas online shopping malls to provide customers with our selling and purchasing services on a global scale.
We have a range of purchasing channels across national borders, and we are at the top level in the industry in terms of the assortment of goods. We can therefore provide each customer with a watch that best meets the customer’s needs from among a rich variety of watches in our inventory.


Purchasing used goods
at high prices through
over-the-counter, delivery,
visit and other services

In the WATCHNIAN Kaitori Senmonten service, we specialize in purchasing watches, branded bags and jewelry.
We have our WATCHNIAN Kaitori Senmonten stores in Shinjuku, Ginza, Shibuya and in other convenient locations near major stations to purchase the targeted goods at the stores.
We also provide customers who are living far from our stores with free-of-charge delivery and visit services to purchase the targeted goods from these customers.
And we provide an appraising service through email and the popular LINE communication app.
Our experienced appraisers provide the service, and we have a range of sales channels both in Japan and overseas, which enables us to propose high purchasing prices to potential sellers.


Providing customers
with reliable appraising
high purchasing prices

Under the service name “Ginzo,” we sell and purchase branded bags, watches and jewelry.
We purchase these goods at our physical and online stores, where our experienced appraisers propose appropriate purchasing prices to potential sellers.
We also provide our appraising service through email and the popular LINE communication app, so you can easily have the goods that you want to sell appraised by our staff with only photos of the goods.
Based on the policy of pleasing all our customers, we are committed to proposing purchasing prices in consideration of each customer’s thoughts and wishes.
We have purchased over 100 goods from renowned through our physical and online stores for customers to make a purchase.


Holding auctions of watches,
jewelry and bags for companies
dealing with these goods

WATCHNIAN-auction is a B2B auction service for registered members.
We provide high-quality, high-price goods, and hold two auctions a month each for watches/jewelry and for bags.
We are working to further sophisticate these auctions by attributing importance to the “4Cs,” which are Convenient, Cycle (circulation of valuable goods), Challenge (take on the challenge of turning possibilities into reality) and Concierge (serving like a concierge to help customers meet their needs).