Spirit of

WATCHNIAN Characters

One day, the watchnians
appeared suddenly on Earth.

They do not speak,
but carefully and
happily carry
around the things that they are wearing.

The watchnians,
with their adorable composure,
will impart the appeal of wristwatches
and the appeal of
Watchnian itself to the world.

Brand Movie

Brand Movie

A brand movie explaining the business and vision of the Watchnian Group (about 2 minutes)


Message from the President

Achieving a fair and
trustworthy world market

From the time our company was founded in 2005, we have enjoyed a favorable relationship with our many customers and partners under the Ippū Kishi brand name. We’ve now reached a point where we are reaching beyond the boundaries of Japan to increase our recognition globally. In 2022, we changed our corporate brand name to “WATCHNIAN” as part of our efforts to reach ever-greater heights.

With a focus on used luxury wristwatches, we can boast one of the world’s highest levels of inventory as we seek to expand the used watch market globally. However, looking out at the used wristwatch market globally, we can still identify areas of significant deviations in inventory, market price, and product quality, emphasizing the need for us to provide an environment in which customers can buy and sell with peace of mind at all times.

It follows that at WATCHNIAN, we are pushing towards the expansion of our business through a digital transformation and the realization of a global market that is fair and trustworthy, all the while maintaining the concept of achieving fair prices globally, which has been a part of us since our founding.

Broadly speaking, the term “WATCHNIAN” can refer to any person who loves watches. At the same time, our name is an expression of our strong devotion to designing a cycle of wristwatches, creating a world where customers all across the globe can shop with peace of mind and make the value of a used wristwatch their own. You can expect great things from us in the future.

Representative Director and President: Hiroki Kozuma

Representative Director
and President
Hiroki Kozuma