Profiles of Directors

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Hiroki Kozuma

Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1974. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, College of Sociology, Rikkyo University.
After graduating from university, engaged in purchasing operations at a leading branded goods seller/purchaser company for two years and then became executive vice president of Ginzo Corporation
Focused on the purchasing and wholesaling of watches and branded goods for B2B transactions in Japan and overseas.
Left Ginzo in 2005 to found Ippu Kishi LLC (presently Watchnian Corporation)
Established TOP J Co., Ltd. (presently Watchnian Auction Corporation) in 2012 and Top Guy Co., Ltd. (presently Kaitori Watchnian Corporation) in 2014.
Became representative director and president of Ippu Kishi Holdings Corporation (presently Watchnian Group Corporation) in 2018.

Tatsuya Kimoto

Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1977.Joined the largest dealer of used branded goods and jewelry in 1995 and was assigned to the product management department where he learned about purchasing operations.
In 1998, started to engage in the business operated by his family, specifically in the pawnbroking and purchasing of branded goods, watches, jewelry and precious metals, and became representative director of the company in 2009.
Joined Ippu Kishi Co., Ltd. (presently Watchnian Corporation) in 2016 to assume the position of managing executive officer and manager of the general headquarters, and then became director of the company in 2021.
Became director of Ippu Kishi Holdings Corporation (presently Watchnian Group Corporation) in 2021 and director of Kaitori Watchnian Corporation in 2022.

Harutoshi Oe

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, in 1968.After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology, joined Recruit Co., Ltd in 1992.Started his career as an editor and has been chief editor of used car magazines and housing magazines.
Joined YASURAGI CO., LTD. (currently KATITAS Co.,Ltd.) in 2013 and was appointed executive officer and a head of the marketing department, he was in charge of marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations. Became director of the company in 2019.Joined Watchnian Group Corporation and was appointed director of the Company and CEO of Kaitori Watchnian Corporation in 2023.

List of

Hiroki KozumaRepresentative director
and president
Tatsuya KimotoDirector
Harutoshi OeDirector
Hideo NagatsuyuOutside auditor
Takashi NishimuraOutside auditor
Rumi UemuraOutside auditor
Shinichi YagiOutside auditor
Kentaro FujinoOutside auditor
Naoki KadotaniOutside auditor
Tomoya YoshikawaOutside auditor