Mission, Vision, and Value


Releasing the potential
of wristwatches,
connecting the richness
of society
with a
circle of sustainability

A rich society, where wristwatches
are a stronger asset with increased
liquidity and can be passed down
as an important heirloom

Increasing the usability
and reliability of
the international market
for buying and
selling wristwatches,
lowering the hurdle
for transactions

A sustainable society,
where wristwatches can be
passed down
the wasteful manufacture
of new products

By lowering the hurdle for
market transactions involving
the buying and selling of wristwatches,
we release the asset potential of
wristwatches and jewelry that is
lying dormant around the world.
Our purpose is to build a rich society
and a cycle of sustainability
for the world environment.


Extending technological
Japanese craftsmanship,
creating a worldwide
that is fair and trustworthy

We occupy a unique position in that we are able to take one of our strengths, the ability to source from our home country of Japan with its abundance of high-quality wristwatches, and combine this with our ability to access various world markets.

Through the power of artificial intelligence and information technology, we are working to expand upon the capabilities that stem from our craftsperson’s skills, which include the judgments on authenticity, maintenance, and repairs that are performed by the artisans of our workshops.

By leveraging one of the largest used wristwatch inventories globally as well as the machine learning of data and transactions, we can determine fair pricing based on highly detailed estimates of market prices.

Using the capabilities of technology
to expand upon the strengths of
our home market of Japan and
upon our craftsmanship,
we are aiming to create a global market
that can maintain fair prices
and reliable quality.


An Innovative Merchant


Using our technical skills
to cultivate
good business sense

By using technology and
honing new sensibilities,
we seek to transform ourselves
into a next-generation merchant
that is active in global markets.


Using our ideas and speed
to act on opportunities

We seek to incorporate our ideas
and intentions as
we act on opportunities that
present themselves,
never forgetting
the importance of speed.


Aiming to become able to hold
two conflicting ideas
at the same time

Quality and speed.
Boldness and humility.
We seek to become able to
align the value that comes from
two different sides of a situation.

Brand Movie


A brand movie explaining the business and vision of the Watchnian Group (about 2 minutes)